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Introduce students to the world of microcontrollers with the familiarity of the Scratch visual programming interface. NB This is a BETA guide please contact with any issues.

Hoping to inspire the next generation of innovators with digital technologies? The idea generators on these cards might help and they come complete with links to a step-by-step activity guide to turn inspiration in to reality.

Our homes are getting smarter every day. Air conditioning, wireless access and so much more. All this and more can be done with a microcontroller. But let's start with lights and blinds and the Genuino 101* board. Thanks to @timmiclark and his students from St Joseph's for the supreme smart town image!

Smart Cities are a thing of the present with traffic flow and public transport infused with technology. How can you translate this reality in to inspiration and creation in the classroom? Why not begin with Traffic Lights and the Genuino 101* board!

Using the inbuilt gyroscopes and accelerometer create a pedometer using the Genuino 101* board. A STEM project with application in the PDHPE syllabus.

Moving from visual programming to more native scripted programming can be a challenge for teachers and students. The ArduBlock tool for Arduino* coupled with the Genuino 101* board makes the transition easy and effective.

Need to begin a cross curricular Digital Technologies project? The Seeed studio kit might prove the perfect partner! Check out the getting started tutorial in the technical guides section as well!

Join Nisha, Abbie and Ms Major from St Clare's in Canberra to put together your own vivid light show!

A beginner Ardunio / Intel Galileo project to get you and your students working with creative digital technologies.

Need some inspiration to get the most out of your Intel Galileo or Arduino? Here are some projects from makers around the world, to get your innovation juices flowing. Make sure you share your own creations on the site and let the Innovation Toolbox team know about any of your awesome projects.

Lesson plans, resources and experiences from an Internet of Things pilot in the UK

Just got your Arduino Inventors kit? Here is a list of recipes to make implementation easy. Thanks to Ashleigh and Lynley for the link.

A brief slide-deck with speaker notes to get you and your students started with the Intel Galileo in the classroom.

An awesome digital competition to redefine your digital classroom. How could you integrate a Intel Galileo or Arduino, to give your product a physical computing power up?

This unit opens young students’ eyes to limitless possibilities unlocked by circuits and computer programs with a fun, engaging introduction to the fundamentals of computing, programming, and electronic design with the Intel Galileo.

A useful resource to virtually program your physical Intel Galileo Board

Inspirational projects and how to guides all with the Intel Galileo

A complete interactive getting-started guide for the Intel® Galileo. A complete beginners package including an introduction to circuits, basic programming and student activities.

A complete interactive getting started guide for the Intel® Galileo. Including basics, blink and the glitz and glam of a light show.

A complete interactive getting-started guide for the Intel® Galileo, including how to set up your Intel® Galileo to control a light show.

A basic guide to getting started with Intel® Galileo, including how to set up your Intel® Galileo to control a light show.

Educator guides and case studies

With the aid of Bluetooth* connectivity, the combination of the Science Journal App and the Genuino 101 board adds data collection, analysis and synthesis possibilities to the STEM classroom. NB This is a BETA guide please contact with any issues.

Keen to add STEM and Digital Technologies in to your classroom? Take a look at these ideas on how to incorporate physical computing across the curriculum.

Come on an adventure to Luna Park with the students and teachers from Canterbury Primary School, a place where young innovators are being made.

Some people refer to physical computers like the Genuino 101* board as a STEM in a box solution. Take a look at these ideas and links to get you thinking.

Connect your Genuino 101* board to the world with this simple and easy to follow guide to leverage the Bluetooth connectivity and networking capabilities of the Genuino 101 board in the classroom.

Information, links, pictures, connections and videos from the Melbourne Mini Maker Faire. If you could not make the actual event this is almost as good as being there!

Heard the terms STEM or STEAM but not sure about the why and the how in the classroom? This brief article might be just what you have been searching for.

Finding physical computing daunting? Take out the fear with this continuum and the use of Arduino shields such as the Grove starter kit!

The AIS has computational thinking covered with an exciting professional learning line-up from K–12 in 2015. Take a look at these awesome online and face to face courses that will power up your primary and secondary classrooms.

Learning goes computational and physical as students embark upon an adventure of Galileo proportions at John Monash Science School.

Need some school based training to get started with Galileo? The people at MacICT can provide a tailor made program to assist.

Quakers Hill Public School is one of the pilot schools in the Intel Galileo Development board program. See how successful they’ve been.

A complete teacher and student manual for the Intel® Galileo. From the basics to detailed projects, it’s an awesome resource.

Technical guides and tutorials

If you are preparing to run a Genuino 101* board session with students or teachers this handy guide can be circulated beforehand to ensure they have all the right software to get innovating!

Students sometimes struggle to initially understand script based coding languages like Arduino*. But the reality is there is not much to mastering the basics. This simple guide should assist.

Explore the world of inputs and outputs, sensors and servos in minutes with this easy to use and set up starter kit for the Genuino 101* board!

A brief and easy to follow guide to get your Genuino 101 board running in the classroom.

An Online Interactive step by step guide to getting the all-important light blinking on your Intel Galileo.

A quick and easy guide to connecting and installing your Intel® Galileo and Arduino software

A quick and easy guide to connecting and installing your Intel® Galileo and Arduino software

A basic guide to installing the Arduino software on Windows devices.

A basic guide to installing Arduino software on Apple OSX machines.

A complete guide to connecting and programming common add-ons and accessories to your Intel® Galileo. Examples include buzzer, photocell and sound sensor.

A continuously evolving troubleshooting guide to overcome common technical issues.

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