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WeCommemorate – Digital Challenge

August 13, 2015

An awesome digital competition to redefine your digital classroom. How could you integrate a Intel Galileo or Arduino, to give your product a physical computing power up?

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WeCommemorate is a series of classroom-based challenges that will engage NSW students from Early Stage 1 to Stage 5 to produce creative, stage appropriate, multimedia projects, marking the 100 year anniversary of Australia’s involvement in the First World War. Students’ entries will be judged and winners announced prior to Remembrance Day, 2015. The winning entries will be showcased and awarded prizes.

The commemorative challenges will be part of the suite of resources being developed by the NSW Department of Education to mark the Centenary of ANZAC. They address syllabus outcomes and content in History, English and Geography and can be integrated into the school’s commemorative plans.

The challenge officially close on September the 15th, but the resources and links will remain active to inspire your students in to 2016 and beyond!