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Girls in Tech: Inspiring the next generation of creative, entrepreneurial and digital women

Did you miss Intel's 'Girls in Tech' event as part of the Vivid Ideas festival? Take a look at this post for all the links, resources and information!

Did you know less than a quarter of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians are women – and yet jobs that require these skills are the fastest growing and amongst the most highly paid.

As part of Vivid Ideas the Intel team gathered together a panel of experts, teachers, industry leaders and girls themselves to talk about what is stopping girls from embracing STE(A)M and how we can help to inspire the next generation of young women to become innovators and entrepreneurs.

The panelists explored how to break down stereotypes, how to speak to girls about STEM careers and gave first-hand experiences of what working in a STEM career is actually like.

As part of the event Intel, Digital Careers and the Australian Council of Computers in Education (ACCE) launched a research report Female Participation in school computing: reversing the trend’  and Intel launched a practical guide written by Maker Educator Sylvia Martinez on how to inspire girls with hands on activities.

Capture      Female Participation in school computing

The Intel team were fortunate enough to have the crew from TER Podcast attend the event, so whether you’re a teacher, a parent, a young girl considering your future, or just someone who cares about girls embracing STEM, take a listen, download the resources, connect with the experts and be inspired to change minds and change lives.

All proceeds from the event were contributed to the School Library Association of NSW’s efforts to empower the ‘Women Leaders in Technology’ group working out of Nepal Communitere.

We would like to thank everyone who attended with special mention to all our inspirational panelists and speakers. Everyone walked away with something more in their toolkit to embrace a digital future!

Featured Speakers:

–              Kate Burleigh, Managing Director, Intel Australia @kate_burleigh

–              Sarah Moran, Founder, Girl Geek Academy @SarahMoran

–              Bronwyn Moreton, Founder, MOBEEAS @B_Moreton

–              Felicity Furey, Founder, Power of Engineering @FelicityBriody

–              Karsten Schulz, Program Director, Digital Careers @kkschulz

–              Cathie Howe, Manager, Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre @cathie_h

–              Zeina Chalich, Leader of Learning & Innovation, St Finbar’s Primary School @ZeinaChalich

–              Sunny South, Teacher Librarian, Sydney Secondary College Leichardt @sunnysouth12

–              Abi Woldhuis, Teaching & Learning Innovator, Roseville College @abiwoldhuis

–              Luna, STEM / Maker / Girl Geek, St Finbar’s Primary School

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