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Education in Games Summit 2015: A Gameful World!

Penny Rowe

October 19, 2015

The Intel Education team is proud to be sponsoring the Education in Games Summit and is privileged to have guest blogger Penelope Rowe, Senior Project Officer from the Digital Learning and STEM Branch of the Victorian Department of Education and Training, provide us with a sneak peak into this educational extravaganza, see you there!

Supporting primary and secondary teachers with the new Digital Technologies curriculum: Education in Games Summit 2015: A Gameful World!

With the recent launch of the new Digital Technologies curriculum, teachers will need to start engaging in professional learning activities and events to skill themselves up on how implement it in the classroom. With variations from state to state, many states such as Victoria will need to report against it by 2017. This leaves little time for teachers and leadership teams to start unpacking the curriculum and build an understanding of the achievement standards, which use new and what can be at first challenging terminology. The new curriculum area should not be confused with integrating the use of ICT across all curriculum areas, but rather it is about teaching students how computers work and how to make them work. Computational thinking is at the core, teaching students how to problem solve using digital systems. The curriculum aims to support students to learn how to create a digital solution to solve local or global problems and through this they will be required to learn about new digital systems and analyse data to inform projects.

To support the implementation of Digital Technologies in the classroom, the Victorian Department of Education and Training has partnered with Creative Victoria, and the Australian Centre of Moving Images (ACMI) to present ‘Education in Games Summit 2015: A Gameful World’. The summit is a collection of workshops, presentations and panel discussions with Victorian classroom teachers and industry experts. Attendees can customise their experience and find events that interest them over the all-day event.EDU Games Summit Flyer

The keynote speaker for the summit is Dr Steffen Walz, an Associate Professor at RMIT University and the founder-director of Games & Experimental Entertainment Laboratory, the GEElab. At the GEElab, an international team of researchers scrutinizes the potential (and pitfalls) of play, games and game design elements for non-entertainment purposes.

Primary and secondary teachers will have the opportunity to listen to some of the leading experts on the new Digital Technologies curriculum. The presentations and hands on workshops will support teachers to learn about practical applications to implement the curriculum in the classroom in engaging and innovative ways using games. Respected educators Associate Professor Katrina Falkner and Dr Rebecca Vivian, from the University of Adelaide, will present how the use and creation of games connects with the new curriculum area.

The event is privileged to be sponsored by the education teams from Intel, Google, Microsoft and Unity. They will all be presenting valuable workshops on the day, demonstrating applications which can be used to support the Digital Technologies curriculum and games in the classroom.

Event Details:

  • Date: Thursday, October 29
  • Time: 8.30am – 4.30pm
  • Venue: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • For: Primary & Secondary Teachers
  • Cost: $90 (ex-GST) *Includes optional ticket to Day One of PAX Australia on Friday 30 October

For registrations and more information, including the program, please visit: