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Australian Youth are digitally connected and hungry for skills!

November 23, 2015

Intel Security recently released a study entitled "Teens, Tweens and Technology" let's take a look at the findings.

Intel Security’s Teens, Tweens and Technology study shows Australia’s youth are digitally connected, aware and cautious as well as being motivated about securing their digital future with the acquisition of key skills.

In results of a survey released at an Intel Security event in Sydney recently it appears young people are concerned about the security of information they place online with 62% stating their biggest online fear is the sharing of personal information and 28% identifying they feared their reputation being tarnished by access to their online presence. It is clear from this data that our students are hungry for access to digital literacy and citizenship skills, and this is supported by parents with 83% confirming they see Cyber security training in the next 3-5 years as either important or very important.

Intel Security Cyber Forum

Lively Discussion at Intel Security’s Teens, Tweens and Technology Launch Event

Yet it is not just a fear of the unknown that is driving young people. 46% confirm an interest in coding, with an extraordinary 43% considering it a subject of interest for their future career. Parents too agree with 31% hopeful that learning to code will improve their career prospects.

Parenting expert Dr. Justin Coulson sums it up nicely “As teens and tweens’ online usage and participation increases, it’s great to see an increasing desire to take cyber skills further in education and employment. It’s now important that we as parents learn with our children as we progress into an increasingly-connected digital world.”2

Dr. Justin Coulson in Action at Intel Security’s Launch Event

So where exactly are our young people connecting online? Facebook has returned to number one, with YouTube andInstagram taking the final two steps on the podium with skype and snapchat filling the top five.3

The connected generation are just that…always connected!

Armed with information, where too next? Intel Security have put together a comprehensive site to help parents and students understand and navigate the digital world (It is also awesome for teachers), the site can be found here: . In addition Intel Security’s Cyber Mum Alex Merton McCann can be followed on Twitter @cybermum_AU . And to build your child’s digital skills, try being inspired by the projects and resources available at Intel’s Innovation ToolBox: