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equationWhat is the Innovation ToolBox?

Intel’s Innovation ToolBox is a hub of ideas, information, resources and success stories to help drive the next generation of inventors, creators and entrepreneurs in your classroom. Thanks to the efforts of innovative educators around Australia, as well as Intel Australia’s education team, this online ToolBox provides a range of resources that will help you to introduce coding, designing technologies and making in the classroom.

This site and community is dynamic. Join the Twitter conversation using #intelgalileo, collaborate with other innovative educators and, when you’re ready, share your own resources to help inspire others. The Intel Education team and innovation community look forward to connecting with you.

Why STEM matters

Science, technology, engineering and maths are no longer subjects that put students to sleep. In fact, they’re central to the new culture of innovation here and around the world. That’s why we’re big on helping schools promote STEM education to their students.

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  • pic-kateWe are lucky in Australia to have so many inspirational and passionate STEM teachers – and we hope to be able to support and amplify your efforts.Kate Burleigh, Managing Director, Intel Australia.
  • pic-clareAs technology becomes integrated in everything we do, it is vital to understand it. No matter the chosen career path, an understanding of technology and coding is fundamental. Once the foundations are laid, the possibilities and opportunities are endless.Claire, Year 10 student, St Clare’s College, Canberra

galileo_contentsMaking, Inventing and Creating in the Classroom … a Pedagogical Approach

Some teachers might see inventing and creating with technology in the classroom as the exclusive domain of ICT teachers. But the possibilities are there for teachers of many different subject areas – whether it be in creative arts, science or mathematics.

At Intel, we believe that when you adopt a project-based approach to learning, students naturally explore, investigate and then create, learning authentically in a real world context across several key learning areas.
These inquiry driven tasks provide the potential for the development of 21st century skills as students work collaboratively to construct solutions to real world challenges that span the spectrum of academic disciplines.

The Intel® Galileo and other physical technologies provide a tactile connection for online tasks such as coding and programming, bridging the divide between the digital and physical worlds helping to create meaning across the curriculum.

Get inventing in the classroom with the Intel® Galileo

teaching-makingCoding, apps and websites give students a great grounding in the digital realm – but what about making things that affect their physical world? The Intel® Galileo board lets students (and educators) coding and design skills take flight. From a robotic arm to a weather station, students can release their creative potential and solve real world problems. Explore teaching resources for Intel® GalileoBuy your Intel® Galileo now

Community Content

Simple ways to get started with making and innovating in the classroom

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Classroom Activities

Hoping to inspire the next generation of innovators with digital technologies? The idea generators on these cards might help and they come complete with links to a step-by-step activity guide to turn inspiration in to reality.

Our homes are getting smarter every day. Air conditioning, wireless access and so much more. All this and more can be done with a microcontroller. But let's start with lights and blinds and the Genuino 101* board. Thanks to @timmiclark and his students from St Joseph's for the supreme smart town image!

Smart Cities are a thing of the present with traffic flow and public transport infused with technology. How can you translate this reality in to inspiration and creation in the classroom? Why not begin with Traffic Lights and the Genuino 101* board!

Educator guides and case studies

Keen to add STEM and Digital Technologies in to your classroom? Take a look at these ideas on how to incorporate physical computing across the curriculum.

Come on an adventure to Luna Park with the students and teachers from Canterbury Primary School, a place where young innovators are being made.

Some people refer to physical computers like the Genuino 101* board as a STEM in a box solution. Take a look at these ideas and links to get you thinking.

Technical guides and tutorials

If you are preparing to run a Genuino 101* board session with students or teachers this handy guide can be circulated beforehand to ensure they have all the right software to get innovating!

Students sometimes struggle to initially understand script based coding languages like Arduino*. But the reality is there is not much to mastering the basics. This simple guide should assist.

Explore the world of inputs and outputs, sensors and servos in minutes with this easy to use and set up starter kit for the Genuino 101* board!

Blogs and News

Read about the latest ideas and events in the maker community

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During Victorian Education Week students at Canterbury Primary School organised a Maker Festival for students, parents and teachers from local […]

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With the increasing need to build computing and technical knowledge in our students the Intel Education team jumped at the […]

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Out and about

See what’s happening in innovation and making in your area

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Forthcoming events

5th May 2016

Forming part of the Melbourne Knowledge Week 2016 program, this workshop will explore: Career opportunities, female role models, effective activities, and practical ways to discuss STEM with girls, and dispel myths about related professions.

11th June 2016
Vivid Ideas Event

Less than a quarter of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians are women - and yet jobs that require these skills are the fastest growing and amongst the most highly paid.
Hear from a panel of experts, teachers, industry leaders and girls themselves, about what is stopping girls from embracing STE(A)M and how we can help to inspire the next generation of young women to become innovators and entrepreneurs.

30th May 2016

Join the ICT Educators of NSW for an event of sharing, inspiration and creativity in Education not to be missed! TeachMeets are meetings/un-conferences where teachers share good practice, practical ideas and personal insights into teaching with technology.


29th - 30th April 2016

Two days of new ideas, new technologies and new possibilities for enriching your teaching practice. This conference includes talks and workshops covering areas such as: 3D, Maker spaces, open sim and coding for classrooms. See you there!

18th June 2016

Presented as part of Vivid Ideas, Code in the Park is about inspiring everyone to learn the basics of coding, to acquire a new digital skill for the future of work, innovation and education - to transform thinkers into creators.

4th June 2016

Join us for the Creative Careers Day: an interactive exploration where students can connect directly with industry and get practical advice and tips to better understand how to survive as ‘new creatives’.

Seeing is believing

These stories of innovation will show you just what’s possible

Links & Resources

Projects, guides, reports on innovation and more

Maker Resources

Everything you need to know about Makerspaces

An article published on ABC Splash giving all the tips, tricks and terminology to get you started on your school Makerspace journey!

America’s Greatest Makers

In support of this 2016 reality television show is a site dedicated to maker movement. With inspiration, examples and guidance this is one engaging resource to assist schools in developing the next generation of innovators. 

Intel STEM K-12 Resource Site

To help educators foster the next generation of innovators, This site provides STEM curriculum, competitions, and online resources to encourage students' interest and participation.

Invent to Learn

This website by Gary Stager and Sylvia Libow Martinez includes recommended books and hundreds of links to resources and professional development for making, tinkering, and engineering in the K-12 classroom.


This US-based company that has a huge selection of electronics, as well as comprehensive and engaging tutorials suitable for students.

Maker Education Initiative

Do you want to learn more about bringing the maker movement, innovation and creativity into your classroom? This resource will show you how limitless the possibilities are.

Other Resources

The Chief Scientist For Australia’s STEM Report

Read the Chief Scientist for Australia, Professor Ian Chubb’s, report STEM: Australia’s Future, which outlines Australia’s STEM shortage and the economic challenges it is creating. Professor Chubb provides clear recommendations for collaboration and a strategic approach to science and its related fields.


Robogals is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to empowers girls with the skills to become innovators. Run by university students and sponsored by Intel, Robogals runs workshops at schools with female and male students to inspire interest and harness skills in engineering, coding and computer programming.

Young ICT Explorers

Young ICT Explorers is a non-profit competition created by SAP and sponsored by Intel aimed at encouraging students to use their creativity and digital skills create ICT projects. Aligned with the school curriculum, students apply what they learn in the classroom to projects of their choice.

Digital Careers

Digital Careers organises career days, teacher professional development, resources and student competitions aimed to encourage and inspire young people to consider digital careers as a pathway. Funded by the Australian Government and supported by universities and industry, it has reached over 200,000 young Australians.

MakeHers Report

Girls are underrepresented in engineering, maths and science. This reports shows how an innovation culture in schools can get them excited and involved.

National STEM Program Index

Curated by the Office of the Chief Scientist this resource will help teachers and students access over 250 science, technology, engineering and mathematics programmes

Planning and Change Resources


Need some school based training to get started with Galileo? The people at MacICT can provide a tailor made program to assist.

Teach Elements, Project Based Learning

Accelerate innovative classroom learning by asking students to solve real-world problems. Provides all the tools to succeed and complete a real classroom-based action plan.

Education Transformation Model

Innovating, making and creating in the classroom can change the way your classroom and school operate. To assist in managing this change Intel have developed a research-based approach.

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